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Inspired by my struggling with 20 things for Death Note. It is so much easier to write about myself than it is to write about a fictional character.

1) This artist is majorly overprepared. She carries a handbag around with her everywhere she goes filled with stuff that might come in handy somewhere; like plasters, cough drops, burn medication, pens, paper, lipgloss, allergy medication, hair elastics and at least three packs of hand tissues. These aren't all that are in there, of course, but these are the most useful for daily use. Other less needed objects are a screwdriver, a magnifying glass, a mirror and salt. Despite all of this preparation, she still manages to forget whatever she needs. Typical.

2) This artist is paranoid about her safety and she knows it. She keeps her nails long in case she's ever assaulted in a street by somebody and needs to use them as a weapon. She always wears her hair in a tight braid because it's long and can hurt people when this artist whirls around fast (she knows, she's been hit by her hair on several occasions). She even wears hair pins for the sole purpose of using them to pick locks if she's ever trapped in a room. Paranoid? Yes. But she's never denied it and her paranoia might just save her life one day, as it's clear that her reduced reflexes won't.

3) Speaking of hair, this artist's hair is long enough that she can practically sit on it when it's loose. She knows that it's impractical for her busy lifestyle, especially since she has to wake up early in the morning to braid it and she wastes two hours a week to wash and dry it, but she loves her hair being long. She can't explain why, but it might be a secret rebellion against everybody who tells her to cut it or that it's impractical.

4) This artist hates fruits with a passion. She doesn't know why but there are very few fruits she can actually stand, so she generally just tells people she hates fruits and leaves it at that. She does however like red apples and cantaloupe melons, perhaps the only two she can stand for long periods of time. Actually, on that note, this artist isn't good with food in general. Some days she'll feel starving and eat all of the snacks in her house as well as her meals, and others, the mere sight of food will make her nauseous. She isn't sure why. She blames hormones.

5) In general, taking care of herself is a low priority on this artist's list of things to do. The litany of daily injuries and wounds speak for themselves. She much prefers looking after others and her body is simply rigged to look after others. She has no reflexes so to speak of when it comes to herself, she can't even block her face from tennis balls and shuttlecocks, but she practically contorted her body into a pretzel to stop somebody else from injuring themselves with scissors.

6) This artist has no interest in real romantic relationships. She never has been and never thinks she will be, because it would interfere with her studies and her future career. But sometimes, she secretly wishes she had a relationship, if only to improve the romantic scenes in her writing. But she knows that the guy she wants in her head, doesn't exist, and she won't impose unreal expectations upon some poor bloke. Better to die an alone spinster than hurt someone by loving an imaginary version of themself.

7) This artist has a plethora of weird quirks from always pulling her front lip over her bottom lip when she's nervous to smoothing out the sides of her nose when she's thinking to saluting with the peace sign when she leaves a room. She also has been drilled to stand up whenever a teacher enters the room and finds it very difficult to stop doing that and always takes ten minutes to adjust from bright places to dark places.

8) This artist hates the sun with a passion. She's not quite sure what she's doing in California, but she thinks something about the education might be it. She misses Europe's colder clime and vows to go back there as soon as possible. After university, maybe. She wants to go to Japan and South America, but the weather there is slightly foreboding so the artist ends up putting it off.

9) This artist has glasses with the power of -8.5. She's always been wearing glasses for as long as she can remember and leaving them off when she sleeps, feels weird. She also hates contacts with a loathing. This artist knows that she's careless and doesn't want to ever stab out her own eyes if she's ever in a hurry. Besides, something about sticking anything in her eyes, weirds her out. She can barely manage eyeliner and mascara is near impossible; she can't even imagine contact lenses.

10) This artist is ridiculously self-conscious about her weight and body image. She knows that she's slim already and at the lowest part of the BMI for her height, but whenever she sees the tiny pouch of fat at her stomach and the wider thighs, a part of her feels annoyed that she isn't like the other girls in their skinny jeans and flattering crop-tops. She knows that it's stupid, because she's hardly unhealthy and genetics render her this way, but it doesn't help her self-esteem, any.

11) It is part of why she hates going to the beach. She hates the sun, she hates sand and she hates exposing her body. She's never worn a bikini once in her life, and if her parents would actually buy her one, she would wear a wetsuit to the pool. She sticks with one-pieces instead. The only redeeming thing about the beach is the sea, and this artist would spend hours swimming in salt water if her stamina would take it.

12) This artist thinks she might just be a pathological liar. She can lie and lie without feeling any remorse for it. She has lied to her closest friends, to her parents and many people she's met. Sometimes, the stories she tells clash over each other, and this artist worries about what would happen if the people ever exchange stories and find out what really happened, late at night, when she's trying to sleep.  She's tried to stop, but it's so difficult and lying comes so easily, like walking and breathing.

13) It's part of why she's such a good orator. This artist is good at anything to do with her voice. She's a brilliant debater and speaker, being able to see both sides of the argument effortlessly and able to persuade people when she wants them to do something. This artist also has an excellent voice she knows, a voice that would be better if she put the time into making it better. She took voice lessons for six years, but grew worried about her studies, so gave it up. She still sometimes sings opera in the shower and hums Schubert and Stravinsky during her lessons.

14) She's scared about the future. Because, it's so wide and open. "What happens when you finish your education? What do you do then?" are the questions that echo in her mind.  This artist sees a billion paths open for her, from musician, to cartoonist, to historian, to politician, to scientist, to teacher, to writer and every single one of them looks tempting and inviting. The artist dreams about the lives that she might lead if she took each path at night, and usually wakes up crying.

15) It's the only time she cries. Her tear ducts are famously empty. She doesn't cry when she reads moving stories or watches heartbreaking movies. She doesn't cry when her parents scream at each other into the middle of the night or even when she injures herself again. She doesn't even cry when she loses touch with her friends, one by one, even though it hurts. But she cries for the future. She cries every time she says no to an occupation or an opportunity. And, she doesn't even know why.

16) This artist both hates and loves being challenged. Loves, because she can apply herself and really feel like she's trying and that it's more fun than slugging through the day mindlessly. But she hates it because it's difficult and she feels like she's stupid for needing to try at her schoolwork or extra-curricular. Her closest friends are practically genii and sometimes, when things aren't easy for her, she hates herself for not being like them.

17) Whenever this artist is asked about her greatest fear, she'll always say spiders or insects. But really, it's the fear of failing that keeps her awake at night. She's not even sure why, because she knows that failing is a natural part of life and people learn from their mistakes, but this artist feels that even one loss will be crippling. And so, she'll keep fighting to run away from her mistakes, because she's too scared to face the consequences.

18) This artist has always lost every game of 'I Have Never' that she's ever played. Sometimes, it's because she's fun to target and her friends love picking on her, but sometimes, it's because she's done more and seen more than her sheltered friends. She's always the first to laugh at dirty jokes, she can always pick out racism and she's definitely the most violent of her friends. She puts on the air of a classy lady, with her formal attire and way of walking and posh speech quirks, but she knows that she's definitely not a lady.

19) This artist practically never dresses informally. There's always a dress or a tunic and tights or a blouse or a tie or a fedora or a polo somewhere in her attire, even when she's just lounging at home. She gets teased a lot for her care about her appearance, but appearances are important, this artist knows. She knows that first impressions stick and beating them away is near impossible. Besides, if she dresses like she knows what she's doing, people follow. She's seen the results and isn't keen to get rid of them.

20) This artist has been waiting for an adventure for her whole life. Be it a doctor in a spaceship or a magician with an owl or a god or a snowy wardrobe or an entirely different universe. Her love of literature and reading has never dimmed that desire, she would happily wait forever for an adventure to come to her. But recently, she got into an anime called Prince of Tennis. Her fandoms tend to fade and they'll teach her a life lessons as they go along; like Harry Potter and the importance of friends and Northern Lights and how religion doesn't matter and Death Note with its ideas about how the morality of humankind shift so easily. Prince of Tennis will probably fade away too, but she isn't sure about it, because it's different in a way.

Prince of Tennis is a normal story. It's about normal teenage boys playing tennis and having fun and enjoying themselves and it's a story about life. This artist has always hated slice of life stories, because she finds them boring, and really, who wants to read about stuff that she already does on a daily basis? But Prince of Tennis captured her imagination, for some weird reason, and she realizes that it's taught her that adventure can be found anywhere. That anyone can strive to reach something amazing and that they don't need supernatural abilities. It was the most unexpected message that she'd expected to find in any story that she enjoyed and it took her a while for it to really sink in.

But, because of it, this artist has stopped waiting in her windowsill for stuff to happen, and she's going to start making stuff happen in the real world. She'll never turn down an adventure if it comes her way, but she'll stop waiting forever, like the helpless maidens in towers that she's always hated.

AN: I just opened my heart to the world. I'm unsure about revealing some of the stuff that I've written here. I guess it's the kind of feeling you get when you rip off a scab(not that I've ever done that). Kind of like something just broke free. I hope like you feel that you know more about me now. You might even know me better than some of my friends, now. Amazing what internet anonymity will do to you.

Much love,


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United States
Welcome to the page of Arysthae-niru! I'm a cynical teenaged girl from the United Kingdom, who is currently located in the United States, and is rather disgruntled about it and is missing her rain. My specialty is literature, though I dabble in traditional art, and once I can get my tablet to work, it will be digital art as well!

I mostly do fanart and fanfiction, because the prospect of creating new stuff for myself is kind of daunting. And I want to keep what I have created to myself. I've been focusing on Death Note, the Ingo series, Harry Potter and the Leviathan Series. I think I will most likely branch out into other fandoms, but these guys have been my loves for a while.

I will always reply to any front page comments! Feedback, be it praise or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated! Je m'appelle Arysthae-niru, je suis anglais et merci beacoup pour visite mon site web!

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